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Frequently requested phone numbers: 

Village Clerk - 585-384-5252                                              
Village Code Enforcement Officer - 607-329-7842                                                        

Water Emergency - 585-448-2073                                                        
Town Clerk - 585-534-5100 ext 3          
Assessor’s Office - 585-534-5100                                                    
Town Supervisor - 585-534-1000                                                    
Dog Warden, Deb Matthews - 585-384-9501                                     
Cohocton Police Department (non emergency #) - 585-534-5100 ext 1       

Town Highway - 585-384-5290       

Additional Links

Ashley Adams - Village Clerk/Treasurer

​Notary Public

Email: Villageofcohocton@gmail.com

Phone: 585-384-5252

Fax: 585-384-5454



Village Office Hours:

Monday - Friday  9:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Closed Legal Holidays

The Village Clerk has custody of books and records, is responsible for the minutes, maintains a record of all village resolutions and local laws, has the authority to order the treasurer to pay claims, transmits funds, produces books, records and papers for inspection, may administer the oath of office to village officers. The Treasurer maintains custody of all village funds and keeping the accounts of all village receipts and expenditures, deposits all village funds when received, is authorized signatory of village checks, pays out village funds pursuant to the provisions of Sections 5-524 and 5-526, and is responsible for filing an annual financial statement of the village's revenues, expenditures, and outstanding in-debtness at the end of the fiscal year.

Village of Cohocton Clerk