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Every day Americans experience the horror of fire. But most people don't understand fire. Only when we know the true nature of fire can we prepare ourselves and our families. Each year more than 4,000 Americans die and approximately 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented. The United States Fire Administration (USFA), a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), believes that fire deaths can be reduced by teaching people the basic facts about fire. Below are some tips for your safety.

Physical Address

Cohocton Hook & Ladder Co.

43 Maple Ave.

Cohocton, NY 14826

Mailing Address

Cohocton Hook & Ladder Co.

PO Box 162

Cohocton NY 14826

Phone: (585) 384-5550

Dial 911 for Emergencies!

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Village of Cohocton Fire Services