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 LOCAL LAW #1, 1970 

 (a)       Duty of owner, etc.  Every owner and every occupant of any  house or other building or of any vacant lot, and every person having  charge of any church or public building in the village, in front or by  the side of which, on the same side of the street, a good and regular  sidewalk shall have been constructed, shall, during the winter  season and during the time snow shall continue on the ground,  keep said sidewalk the full width in front and alongside such house  or other building or vacant lot free from snow, and ice and it shall be  the duty of said owner or occupant to remove such snow and ice by  9:00 AM of each day. 

 (b)       Effect of failure to remove.  In the event of failure on the part  of the owner or occupant to remove said snow and ice as provided  herein the street and water superintendent shall cause such snow  and ice to be removed and the cost thereof shall become a lien on  said property.  (Ord. of 12-12-57, S 25)  State law ref-Authority to  require removal of snow and ice, Vill. Law SS 89 (42), 163, 173

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Supervisor: Bill Waggoner  

Workers:  Jon Weldy & Jim Feely

​​66 Maple Ave.

Cohocton, NY 14826

Hours are:

Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 3:30 pm​

​​Brush pick up is the third Monday of the month beginning in April and will run thru the third Monday in September. Please DO NOT bring your brush to the curb before the weekend of the pick-up date. You can also bring your brush and drop it off at the Village barn at any time during the month.

Leaf pick up will begin the third Monday in October and continue through the first week in December, weather permitting. Leaves must be raked to the edge of the street and be free of garbage, stones, sticks and animal debris. If you live on Park Avenue and Wheeler Street, please rake your leaves past the ditch.

Maintenance & Water Department 

Phone: 585-448-2073

Department of Public Works